Web Templates vs. Custom Designs

I already mentioned that you could build your website with the help of web templates, which give you a chance to avoid starting your work from scratch. Today, most of website developers build the sites using CMS, or content management systems. The most popular CMS on the market right now is WordPress. WordPress gives you a wide range of templates to choose from, including numerous free templates as well as the ones you WordPress-Pluginshave to pay for. However, the system does allow you to build custom sites, in case you want to build if from scratch to suit the needs of an individual or a company better. Since there are differences in the methodology of creating those sites, there are also certain advantages and disadvantages.

Templates are much cheaper than custom sites, and they are more suitable for simple projects. At the same time, there are certain disadvantages to using them:

  • You will have limited functionality if you decide to use a template. You cannot implement some applications in the template sites, like e-commerce, for example.
  • social_enggYou might face a security issue, when it comes to a template site. When the web developer is not a professional, he or she can miss installing some plugins that would improve the security of the site, thus leaving it open to the people who write malicious code.
  • Check if the template is responsive, because there are many out there that have problems with responsiveness. Such templates will not look good when you view your site on a mobile device. Many people nowadays tend to use their smartphone, and not a desktop or a laptop, for browsing the web. This is why it is extremely important to have a responsive template, in order to satisfy broader range of users.
  • Like at high school or university, when you give a presentation and then see someone else, giving the presentation on the same Power Point template, this can also happen to your website. There is a chance that you can find a website, which looks exactly like yours. This is because you use the same web template. The most popular themes are regularly downloaded by hundreds of individuals and businesses. If you have a skillful web designer to work on the site, they can fix this disadvantage with good customization.
  • V-ChartYou can experience some limitations in design and navigation capability. In fact, the cheaper is the template you are using, the less opportunities for customization you will have.

This is particularly important for businesses, but also applies to the individuals careful about their image on the web. Your brand will have a better image if the website is custom-designed, rather than if you use a template. Here are some more points in support of custom design:

  • Custom designs are very flexible. There are many chances that when your brand grows, you would want your website to grow, too. You would want to be able to improve its functionality by adding new features. You can easily do it with custom design, but not with a template.
  • Custom sites provide you with higher chances to rank on top of Google search, thus they stand for better search engine optimization. This is very important for marketing and promoting your site. Developers include SEO techniques within the code of the custom site.
  • ecommerce-generalE-commerce is only possible with custom-built sites. The template will not hold an online store for you.
  • You do not need to worry about responsiveness of a custom-built site – they are all responsive. As I mentioned before, since the market of mobile users is growing, this is a crucial point.

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