Best Web Templates for Cool Sites

Web templates do not carry good reputation among web developers and web designers. In fact, professional designers hate them, because they leave them no room for improvisation, being so ready-made. However, if you dig deep enough, you will find some really cool templates, which I wanted to share with you in this post.


This template is very clean and simple. It is mostly suitable for a blog, but you can use it for different purposes, since it is a beautiful theme overall.
Some of the template’s features include custom navigation settings, fast speed and lightness, search engine, reading time indicator, and so on. Since it provides many interesting options to work with, I think it is very good for beginner bloggers or 4ccdb24eb39d2a6e65090ee547117857individuals, but not so much for business.

The covers are full screen; there are author pages and Foundation 5 integration. The price of this Ghost template is $19.

Red Cap

This is a very minimalistic template. It is customizable, responsive and multipurpose. Some of the features include AJAX form, Google Web Fonts, HTML 5 and CSS 3, social icons, custom header backgrounds, and countdown script. It is a single-page template, and apart from its customization, it also features a MailChimp subscription. The main purpose of this template is to have the design of a “Coming Soon” page for upcoming products or projects. The price of this HTML5 Bootstrap 3 template is $6.


00_preview.__large_previewIf I was to include all the features of this best-selling WordPress theme, my hands would get tired of typing and you will be bored to death. Let me just list some of them, and trust me, the list is very impressive: HTML 5 and CSS 3, clean code, cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, Retina readiness, automatic upgrader, excellent customer support, customization, short code generator, compatibility with WooCommerce, advanced portfolio and blog options, multilingualism, and so on and so forth. It claims to have over 100,000 users around the world. Avada has many user-friendly tools and it is very flexible – this is why it received such popularity among the users. The price of this WordPress template is $58.


Those of you, who want to have a blog heavy on imagery or videos, will love this template. Its features include full freedom of customization, a full-screen header, Instagram feed, showing the menu, keyboard navigation and photo control, using such settings as crop height, fit height and natural. Apart from these, it also has premium features, such as pagination modes, Retina readiness, responsiveness, social media links and sharing, custom web fonts, Google Analytics, Group Blogs, etc. The price of this Tumblr template is $19.


mediatorThis is a Jekyll blog theme. It is content-focused. Some of the features include responsiveness, usage of header image in articles, design minimalism, support of featured articles, easy use of icons and use of Free and Open fonts. You can download the theme for free.


This is another WordPress template I wanted to include in the blog. Some features include Retina readiness, responsiveness, customization options, no web design skills required or necessary, unique featured image system, detailed documentation, megamenu system, translation and SEO readiness. This template is very vibrant and will best work for magazine-oriented sites. You can purchase it for $59.


This is an excellent example of a grid theme. The features include social oryhfQAlg79WGbre_o2media links, multi-tiered sidebar menu, EXIF data overlay, infinite scroll, share widgets, variable post sizes, customization and responsiveness. The company behind the template creates templates for content management systems. This particular theme is a best seller on Tumblr. You can purchase it for $49.

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