8 Places to Find Free Web Templates

There are many ways websites can help us and make our lives easier. From selling our business products or sharing our services to the world, sharing our thoughts or artwork; from a personal level to a business level, websites will probably always be the portals that connect us with the rest of the world. Even if most of the websites do require professional work, there are plenty of topics that can be covered with templates designed to ease the process of being present on the web. Luckily the internet provides so much that there is almost no need to worry if you do not have the money to build your dream website, and finding a free web template looks like the perfect compromise.

Here are eight best sources to get free web templatesfrom:

1.   FreeTemplatesOnline.com

Obviously not one of the biggest or most friendly websites out there, this website is still useful, since it has about 200 templates and the option to 392231-1tD8nz1441490907browse them by category. The design is relatively friendly and they have live chat support, which really proves to be helpful if you do not know exactly what you are looking for.

2.   Interspire

With about 350 free web templates, this website has probably the highest number of free available websites among the websites on this list.The design scores pretty low on this one, as it looks it needs some work every now and then, but in general it does offer a broad range of options and it is certain that the content cuts that bitter taste the website leaves at first sight.

3.   FreeCSSTTemplates.org6a01a51163b55a970c01b7c77ad2f2970b

This website has over 850 web templates with live demos for all of them, and the possibility of hassle-free downloads. The first thing that struck
me was the simplicity of it: it is very easy to use, intuitive, and definitely worth giving a try.

4.   Styleshout.com

Just as the title says, in here you can truly find free high quality website templates, as the website offers easy accessibility and download to all of its templates. The style of the website is blog inclined, and it gives the user the possibility to easily go through everything the company has to offer.

5.   StylishTemplate.com

Among their awesome templates, this middle size template websitealso has live demos, mouse previews and fast easy download. Worth to mention is the simple beautiful design of the website, which makes navigation a pleasant process.

6.   FreeWebsiteTemplates.com

free-business-web-templates-part-2I think this website is by far one of the best, as it has a vast collection of templates, which seem to be perfected by designers with different styles. I think the key word for it would be “diversity”: you can find everything
you need, from variations of a business template up to a personal, memories blog, and much more worth seeing. If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, this website might be getting you confused. In any case, it is worth taking a look at.

7.   FreeWebTemplates.com

Being one of the few web templates’ websites that provides flash-based websites, this website can prove itself very useful to those who know exactly what they are looking for. Other specifications include templates organized by category, any type of template, starting with the flash-based ones up to Facebook covers, Tumblr Themes, jQuery Templates, Gallery Templates, Blogger Templates, and so on.

8.   Metamorphozis.com

The website provides some awesome regular and flash-based templates, with live previews included before downloading. The website offers a reasonable amount of templates that can be used for both individual and business purposes.

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